Other Murder Mystery Options

Other murder mystery options: team building

If carefully designed and written, murder mysteries can work very well as corporate events and for team building. They are an excellent way of bringing together people who don’t know each other well. People are thrown together in a group activity that is great fun to be part of. It gives them plenty to talk about both during and long afterwards. It brings out the best in everyone.
Even though these occasions give the appearance of being light-hearted romps, those provided by the best murder mystery companies are very effective for team building. They put people in a new, fun situation that takes them away from their everyday lives. The tasks people are set in them are challenging, achievable and rewarding. When run well, murder mysteries can have a big effect on staff morale and productivity.

Other murder mystery options: seasonal

Murder mysteries can also be Seasonal and Themed. Christmas isn’t the only time when seasonal murder mysteries are available. Besides slaughtered Santas, there are spooky ghoul-fests for Halloween. Celebrity killings for the Oscars. Horsy homicides during Ascot. Companies doing murder mysteries for private groups and ticketed murder mysteries often offer seasonal variations and different themes.

Getting dressed up

One of the great pleasures of doing a murder mystery is the chance it gives you to get dressed up then spend the evening pretending to be someone else. A gangster. A Hollywood star. A pop idol. A princess. A mad aunt. A millionaire. Children get huge pleasure from doing this. As adults, we forget what fun it is and how therapeutic it can be. Murder mysteries provide one of the few situations left where we rediscover it.