Murder Mystery Weekends

What happens at murder mystery weekends

As with all types of murder mystery, murder mystery weekends vary hugely in quality. On some, the murder mystery part may only last for one evening. The rest of the time is spent “enjoying” the venue. Others offer plots that run in instalments from Friday evening till Sunday morning. Others can be tailored to suit your own schedule.
Sometimes, the actors on these events are undercover, pretending to be “real” guests before dropping down dead in front of everyone. Sometimes, it’s clear from the start who the actor characters are and guests get to create characters for themselves, too. Some of the action takes place during meals, some during special “Incident Room” gatherings and some when guests are least expecting it. Part of the fun of weekends like these is never knowing when the next death will occur – and who will be next to go. They can also be an excellent way for people who do not necessarily know each other to spend a lot of time together. They always have plenty to talk about and enjoy together.

Booking murder mystery weekends

Most murder mystery weekends can be booked online and are available to people on their own and couples. Others are meant only for groups. Quality is very variable. Venues can be tatty, food can be terrible, the murder mystery can be tedious. Do investigate carefully before you book. Prices vary a lot, too, depending on how grand the venue is and how professional the murder mystery actors are. Expect to pay at least £200 per person for anything worth going to.