Where to buy and how to run a murder mystery

Planning to book, buy, take part in or run a murder mystery in the UK? You are sure to find this guide useful. It has been produced by writers, actors, event organisers and role players. Can you trust us? Do we know what we’re talking about? Well, we hope so. We have been creating, running and participating in these kind of events for the past twenty years.

Whodunnit mysteries take many forms these days. They are offered by so many different companies that it’s easy to become confused about the choices. Some companies provide high-quality products which ensure an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for everyone. Others, frankly, are appalling! It’s worth spending a bit of time researching what’s available. Often, there is a huge difference in quality.

There are two main types: Mystery Games Run By Actors and those Mystery Games Run By You. See our other pages for more detailed information about them. Follow our advice carefully and you should end up with terrific results.

Murder Mystery Guide

These are the subjects we cover: