Murder Mystery Dinners

Murder mystery dinners for companies and private groups

The size of group for these murder mysteries is usually from 6 to 250 people. Unlike ticketed murder mysteries, you book them exclusively for your group without any “strangers” also being present. They can take place anywhere with enough space and a bit of privacy: in the private dining room of a hotel, in an office, in someone’s home, etc. Some companies will insist on you using one of their standard venues. Others will be more flexible, sourcing a new venue for you or bringing their event to a venue you’ve chosen.

Different murder mystery companies run them in different ways. Some are, frankly, a disappointment: sloppily written, badly acted and not much fun for anyone. They don’t have to be like that. The plots should be entertaining and intriguing. The solutions should always make sense. The actors should all be highly-skilled professionals very experienced in this kind of work. They should give guests plenty to do and talk about. There should be an interesting crime puzzle to solve.

Prices vary a lot simply because there are many variables: how professional the actors are, how good their costumes are, how well-written the plots are, etc. Cheap murder mystery dinners can be good. Expensive murder mystery dinners can be terrible – and vice versa. Choose carefully and trust your instincts. Do they seem professional? Do they seem genuinely interested in providing a high quality service or are they just slick sales people?

Ticketed murder mystery dinners
These usually take place in hotels or restaurants where you book a meal that includes a murder mystery. With some, you can book as an individual or as a couple. With big evening events, especially close to Christmas, different companies often attend the same murder mystery together, each booking tables for their own staff.

For groups of 20-50 people, the format can be very, very basic. An actor may run the event on his/her own and invite guests to solve a murder based mainly on clues given out on sheets of paper. Participation can be very limited. You’ll most likely just be an anonymous “investigator” rather than having any set character to play.

With larger groups, actors usually perform short scenes then go round to different tables and answer questions. These occasions are often loud, boozy and raucous. The actors often struggle to make themselves heard. Plots are kept very simple. The humour is often basic and bawdy.

There are many, many different companies offering ticketed evening murder mysteries. Some are local, some national. How much they cost inevitably depends on how grand or humble the hotel/restaurant is and how professional the entertainment is. You can expect to pay from £30 to £100 per head. Reports we get back about many ticketed murder mysteries aren’t great. Low quality food, poor service, a cramped dining area and inept actors are all often complained about. One way to change this is by giving people the chance to share information and post their own reviews – much as Trip Advisor and Beer In The Evening do. If you have good or bad experiences of any ticketed murder mystery dinners, do please post your comments on our Contact Us page.